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Meet Our Friendly Therapy Horses


stormyBirthday:    April 1, 2003

Stormy has been part of the LOARC herd since 2015.

He is a palomino Quarter horse gelding and used to compete in Gymkhana.  With his owner Sierra, Stormy won second place in the California Gymkhana Association State Championships!

In spite of his speed, Stormy is the “steady eddie” of our program, able to tolerate all kinds of antics from his riders. Stormy is on loan to LOARC from the Scott Family of Scotts Valley CA.  He has been part of their family since 2008.

“Pip Squeak”


Birthday – April 6, 2007

Pip has been part of the LOARC herd since 2015.

She is a bay Quarter Horse mare, and is a very personable horse that loves people and enjoys lots of attention.  She is playful and likes to use her nose and lips to investigate new things.

Well-trained in the Western discipline of reining, Pip is sensitive to the rider’s posture and leg pressure. Pip is on loan to LOARC from the Jeske family of Aptos.  She has been a member of their family since 2013.



Birthday:    April 8, 2003

Maya has been part of the LOARC herd since 2016.

She is a palomino paint Thoroughbred cross mare and has the shape of a big heart on her side.  She got her name from that, and because her mother’s name is AmyLuv.

Maya is a quirky and personable horse.  She has been known to chase balls and she loves being scratched- once you start, she won’t let you stop!

Maya is on loan to LOARC from the Gates family of San Jose. She has been part of their family for almost all of her life, they own her mother as well.


Birthday:  He was born in 1997 in the Lassen area mustang herd, and lived in the wild until he was two years old.

Hollywood has been part of LOARC since 2017.

Hollywood is a bay Mustang gelding with a BLM freeze brand on his neck.  He is very calm and helps people and horses find confidence.

Hollywood has done wilderness packing and dressage, but his most recent career was as a family horse for the Waidelichs of Royal Oaks, CA .  According to them, he is a champion at bobbing for apples!

Hollywood was captured in a Mustang round up in 1999. He has been part of the Waidelich family since 2007.

Our wonderful horses look forward to meeting you!

Interesting facts about American Quarter Horses

American Quarter Horses are strong and compact animals that are well suited to a variety of tasks. In 1940 a registry was formed to preserve the breed. There are 17 recognized colors of American Quarter Horses.

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