Dress Guidelines

Please make sure that you and your student come appropriately prepared for a lesson by following the dress guidelines outlined below:

  1. Dress in layers as appropriate for the current weather conditions.
  2. Dress in clothing that does not restrict any movement.
  3. Wear long pants at all times to prevent chafing or rubbing on legs.
  4. Wear riding boots, light-weight hiking boots, or lace-up shoes with a heel.  Sneakers may be worn.
  5. Riding gloves may be worn if desired.  In cold weather other types of gloves are acceptable.  Mittens may not be worn.
  6. Riding helmets will be provided.  To ensure a safe and proper fit, it is important to remove any dangling earrings or hair accessories that would be uncomfortable under a helmet.  A high pony tail should be avoided as it interferes with proper adjustment of the helmet.  Riders may provide their own helmet (ASTM/SEI approved).
  7. Remove any sharp or rigid objects from all pockets.  This includes pencils, wallets and cell phones.  Necklaces should be removed prior to lesson, or worn under shirt.
  8. For safety reasons, open-toed shoes are not to be worn at any time while at LOARC.