Barn Manager – Elisabet Hiatt

E_Bio_PicElisabet Hiatt fell in love with horses when she was 4 years old. As soon as she sat on the majestic beast that had been rented for an hour during a family vacation, she knew she had found one of the greatest passions in her life. She insisted on riding by herself. She remembers the moment as if it had just happened yesterday.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, riding opportunities were rare in what at the time was the third largest city in the world. The only time she ran away from home was to go ride a horse. She got in big trouble for it, but it was worth it.

The passion was finally satisfied when, after moving to the States, she purchased her first horse in 1980. A green Arabian horse and a green rider had to work it out, and they taught each other a lifetime of lessons. The partnership lasted for 25 wonderful years. She currently shares her heart with her next two horses, which continue to teach her valuable lessons every day.

Elisabet is an accomplished endurance rider with over 4,000 competitive miles and upwards of 10,000 hours in the saddle. Although endurance is her favorite horse activity, trail riding, camping, working with cattle and trail trials are also things she and her horses enjoy. She has attended many John Lyons clinics, as well as demonstrations by other respected trainers. She has also participated in, and graduated from, the week long Sacramento Sheriffs Mounted Police training three times, on two different horses. She has organized a number of desensitization clinics for the California State Parks Mounted Assistance Units at Año Nuevo, Wilder Ranch and Henry Cowell Parks.

After retiring with 33 years of service from the University of California, Elisabet welcomed the opportunity to work at LOARC with horses and people with special needs, knowing from first hand experience the amazing healing power that resides in horses.

She resides in Felton with her husband of 40 years. Other members of the household are two horses, a dog, a cat and three lovely chickens, all of which come to her when she calls them… even the cat!

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